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Digital Garment Print


Digital Garment Print is one of the three print methods we have at Elite Embroidery, the other two being Screen Print and Custom Heat Press Vinyl. When DTG printing the ink is directly applied and heat cured to the fabric.


This is commonly used for retail customers when printing a picture on a shirt or hoodie. For these orders, we recommend printing on solid white apparel. 

For businesses and companies we can print on light colored apparel (light grey, light blue, light yellow, light green...etc.).  Please let us know if you are interested in this decoration method for a free custom quote

Frequently Asked Questions

About Digital Garment Print

- What file format do I need for DTG Printing?

   For companies we recommend the .PDF file extension, because it allows for more manipulation of the artwork. 

   For retail customers who are interested in printing a picture on a shirt, we commonly take .JPG or .PDF files. 

- What is the turn around time for DTG Printing?

 Our standard turn around time is around 1 weeks. During the winter holidays (Thanksgiving-Christmas) turn around time can extend to 2-3 weeks.

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